Teaser Promo Videos

We produce teaser style video tours and testimonials for this progressive and well know Estate Agent base in Bournemouth. We use fast turnaround tactics to get videos up on social media within 48 hours and out to the public with hugely successful results.


MK Estates.


Art Direction
Sound Design
Video Production




We achieved the results we were looking for using shallow depth of field, warm back lighting with cooler diffusion spots on talent. The series was filmed over multiple sessions, so setup had to be recorded to recreate things the same each time. We were all really please with results.

A new brand experience

If you are interested in this project please get in contact with Lagoon. We are committed to producing professional and creatively inspiring design for our clients, design that works not only by looking great but having strong contextual relevance too.

We like to meet to discuss ideas and let our clients have as much say as they want in the ideas and concept stage of the process. Once we have a strong concept and project strategy in place we keep our clients up to date through the whole process.