Lagoon’s Standard Terms of Engagement apply in respect of all work carried out by us, for you.

Anything different to these Terms will be agreed in writing.



Stage 1: Project Brief

This is where we get to know you and your business. To make sure we get every piece of valuable information, all new enquiries receive a free face-to-face meeting if you prefer. We’ll then get back to you with an initial concept and estimate.



Stage 2: Project Proposal Document

If both parties agree to move forward then Lagoon will produce a project proposal document. This document contains a full creative proposal as well as outlining the specific plans including deliverables, timeline of the project and the quote. This document, once finalised, will be used as a reference.



Stage 3: Acceptance of Project Proposal Document, The Contract and The Quote

Once you are happy with the proposal document we will need your formal acceptance of the proposal, the contract and the quote. Any deposits or initial payments will also be paid at this point. This will allow work to commence.



Stage 4: Work and Delivery

Our work will start and we will keep you in the loop. We will often ask you for feedback throughout the project, so please make sure you get back to us in reasonable time to stop project delays. 



Stage 5: Sign off and Handover 

Once the project completes, we will send you the final deliverables for your approval. A handover document will be sent to you if applicable and the project will be paid for and signed off.




Lagoon uses Terms of Engagement so both parties have a clear understanding of working together.


Our full terms and conditions can be found here: lagoon.studio/terms-and-conditions